1.    IP Education / Training

IP Centre has a dedicated training and development division that provides quality education/ training services in Intellectual Property domains i.e. Patent Protection, Traditional Knowledge, IP commercialization, IP Utilization, Trademarks, Copyright Registration and Protection, Geographic Indications.

1.1.1.    Technology Transfer – IP Centre values innovations and encourages clients to share ideas, so that innovations can sprout and be put to use. The process of sharing the skills, knowledge, ideas, and technology with various agencies like government, institutions and universities to increase awareness, enhance innovation by a wide range of people and clients.
1.1.2.    IPR Awareness – client needs centred training to achieve growth for Uganda’s economy from innovations and IP products.
Based on the above, IP Centre provides services to spread IPR awareness and this program’ major objectives are;
•    Give an in-depth understanding of IPR and Copyright issues in Uganda and the market overall, This is done is reference to successful studies of already implemented countries as South Africa, Japan, Kenya and others, looking at the competitive advantage created by IPR protection. (With reference to Uganda and the neighbouring market).
•     We aim to create awareness in industries that are involved in IPR trade,like industrialists, small businesses, Government, Farmers, URA, UNBS, Education Institutions, Legal Fraternity, among others.  
•    Stimulate the innovation spirit that exists among Ugandans, through improved technological advancements shared in the Ugandan economy, based on the increased demand for knowledge and creativity.
•    Create IPR awareness amongst the knowledge workers in Uganda, so that it can be of effective use to provide support in strategic decisions.

2.    Intellectual Property Assets Administration and Audits (IP Audits)

2.1.    IP outsourcing and on-site assistance
Large organizations with in-house legal teams can even outsource some or all of their IP management tasks in order to reap the benefits of increased levels of service, freeing up management time, reducing costs, accessing sector expertise and guaranteeing turn-around.
2.2.    IP Portfolio Management
IP Centre offers IP advisory/ advocacy services for clients’ geared to create a competitive advantage and space, for client’s product development and also help align R&D strategies with the market opportunities that the client may be interested in to grow the main business.
IP Centre helps clients evaluate the IP portfolio with regard to the commercial activities of the client by use of gap analysis and targeted invention- disclosure stimulation.
2.3.    Using Intellectual Property advice to create Competitive Intelligence
IP Centre experts can by use of company data gathering, and data analysis utilize the same to develop strategic management decisions. This is essential for growing companies, and also critical for implementation of corporate strategies.
2.4.    IP Patent Mapping – where if the client has an existing patent, then data can be analysed to determine the risks and opportunities this involves. Discovery of competition, develop R&D strategies.
2.5.    IP as a research tool for Competitive advantage - use IP info as patent searches, to monitor product development, competitor actions, International market trends, competitor plans and the like.

Our Team

Our Intellectual Property Disciplines’ and Product Offerings

IP Centre has an in-depth knowledge of various Intellectual Property products which enables us to provide end to-end solutions and services.


Our Core strength is in understanding the client’s business processes, culture, vision and objectives across diverse industry verticals and segments in order to map and provide client oriented services and solutions which are highly valuable, client friendly, reliable and value for money.


We have a wide gamut of products and services to suit the diverse needs of our specific diverse clientele, thus making us a customer centric partner that depends and invests so much in research, pays utmost importance to client feedback, and serves to provide product offerings customized to client demands and requirements.

Our Product Offerings are as below;

Our Partners

  • WIPO International
  • Kabega Bogezi & Bukenya Advocates – this law firm provides legal assistance via their kampala office.
  • The Africa IP Trust – for synergy and partner mainstreaming for stakeholder management
  • URSB Uganda Office